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Research Interests

Dr. Babcock’s research is in an area called cognitive aging, which deals with normal adult development and aging of cognition.  Her specific areas of interest have been in adult age differences in memory and reasoning ability. She is also interested in age differences in worry and has completed cross-cultural studies in the experience of worry.  She has completed projects designed to examine the nature of adult differences on a nonverbal intelligence test.  Her recent research involves examining young children's stereotypes of older adults.

Recent Research

Babcock, R. L., Langua, L., Laguna, K. D., & Urusky, D. A. (in press).  Age differences in the experience of worry.   Journal of Mental Health and Aging.

Laguna, K. D. & Babcock, R. L. (in press).  Computer testing of memory across the life span.  Experimental Aging Research. 

Babcock, R. L. & Laguna, K. (in press).  An examination of the factor structure of four of the cognitive abilities included in the Educational Testing Service kit of factor-referenced cognitive tests.  Studies in Educational Evaluation.

Babcock, R. L. & Laguna, K. D. (1997).  An examination of the adult age differences on the Raven=s advanced progressive matrices: A structural equations approach.  Aging Neuropsychology, and Cognition.

Babcock, R. L., Laguna, K., & Roesch, S. (1997).  A comparison of the factor structure of processing speed for young and older adults: Testing the assumption of measurement equivalence across age groups.  Psychology and Aging.

Laguna, K. & Babcock, R. L. (1997).  Computer anxiety in young and older adults: Implications for human-computer interactions in older populations.  Computers in Human Behavior.



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