Civic Responsibility

What is Civic Responsibility?

Communicating with the Community:  Communicating organization’s intentions and activities to the public (e.g., local press, radio, television) and representing the organization in community affairs and public activities to promote awareness and foster goodwill.

Helping the Community:  Meeting the needs of the community by promoting opportunities for corporate giving of financial and human resources.

Civic Action: Supporting participation in civic duties by encouraging others to vote and engaging in other duties of the political system.

Adopting Beneficial Values for Society:  Seeking and embracing values that benefit society rather than the organization.

Providing a Good Example:  Always acting in accordance with society’s and the organization’s laws, rules, and guidelines, and behaving in fair and ethical manner.

Social Action: Actively creating necessary change in one’s community or country by advocating for underrepresented or needy groups.


Why Civic Responsibility is important for developing leaders:

As a developing leader, it is important to recognize that groups and organizations do not exist in a vacuum.  Groups and organizations not only exist in the community, but must maintain a reciprocal relationship with the community.  Becoming involved not only supports the community but also can garner awareness and goodwill from the community towards your group or organization.  Involvement, particularly in political processes, can also directly benefit groups and organizations by allowing its views to be heard and possibly leading to more favorable laws or more support from the government.  Finally, as a leader it is important to behave in an honest, ethical, and moral manner in order to help gain the respect of those that you lead.  Fulfilling your civic responsibilities is just one way in which a leader can demonstrate their honesty, ethics, and altruism.


What can be done in Mt. Pleasant?


David Garcia Project

Give Blood


Student Government Association

Political Groups

Minority Groups


In addition to becoming involved yourself, encourage those that you lead to take an active role in the community as well!

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