Review of Five Journal Articles

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Upon selecting your topic of research, you need to have solid literature review to figure out how to define the problem, the theories proposed to understand it, the possible hypotheses that you might want to test (if any), design your research, measure your indicators, collect data, analyze them, and how to write your final report.

OCLS (off campus library services).  It is important for you to become familiars with the library resources available to CMU students. Be aware that each library on-line system and database may have different prompts and descriptors. 

Other things to consider when accessing OCLS's online resources:

  • No ID Number or Password is needed for most online resources.
  • Access to Commercial Online Research Databases (e.g. FirstSearch) does require the use of a proxy server.
  • If you are prompted for identification information, use your first name and student number.
  • For more information visit:

You will need to obtain full text of five separate sources to use for your research proposal paper. The library packet gives you four ways to do this. Here are some pointers that may be useful.

a.  Think of your paper topic area and descriptors that might be used to index articles or books on your topic.

b.  Log in to the Centra database and find sources on your topic. Copy all information necessary to reference these sources.

c.  Go to FirstSearch. Click on the Business & Economics database areas, then click on ABI INFORM. Do a search of this database for sources for your paper.

d.  Also try using other databases including secondary date sources for your paper.

e. You can try as well Jstor:

Review of Five Journal Articles.  Complete the following assignment.  Please send the completed assignment to me via email attachment. You have to receive an email from me confirming receiving your email. Please make sure you place the complete references of your 5 articles on the top of the first page using APA reference guidelines. Contact off campus library services (OCLS) and obtain articles of interest to you and one that will be relevant to your research proposal. It is very important that you select the articles that are relevant to the research that you plan on proposing later in the semester.  Basically, you will be killing two birds with one stone.  Spend some serious time now about what topic area you plan on doing your research because it will save you considerable time later.  The articles should be no more than two years old, but older ones can be acceptable if there is a special circumstance (i.e., limited available literatures).


Generally, most research papers include the following sections:  Abstract, Introduction, Method, Results, and Discussion.  In your critique of these articles, make sure you include enough information about the content of each article.  Your best bet is to briefly summarize the Introduction with particular focus on the problem or questions that were raised and any hypotheses that were presented.  Secondly, summarize the Method of investigation.  A Method section details just how the study was conducted and may include several sub-subsections (e.g., participants, materials, apparatus, procedure).  You should be able to summarize in a paragraph or two how the study was conducted.  The important point for you at this point in your understanding is summarize the major findings that were revealed by the various analyses.  There is no need mention any of the analyses; simply summarize what was found. 


 Select five articles from the list of journals below. Other journals may be acceptable but they must be quality research journals. 

You should be able to get copies of articles from any journal the library subscribes to from the Document Delivery office in a few days. The library guarantees the article will be sent out within 48 hours of getting the request. We can either send things through the mail or scan the articles and post them to a website for electronic retrieval.

  1.  Academy of Management Review Available online through CMU catalog from 1963-1996.

     2.    Harvard Business Review Health Business (Full Text)

The following items are ABI-Inform database:

     3.    Administrative Science Quarterly (Full Text in ABI-Inform database)

     4.    Journal of Finance (ABI – recent Full Text may be available)

     5.    Management Review (ABI; Full Text available except for most recent year)

     6.    Public Administration Review (ABI – Full Text since 1991)

     7.    Journal of Accountancy (ABI Inform, Full Text since 91)

     8.    Financial Management (ABI Inform – Full text since 92)

     9.    Decision Sciences (ABI-Inform – no Full Text)

The following items are available in Wilson Select Plus:

 10.    Business and Society Review (Full text in Wilson Select)

 11.    Industrial and Labor Relations Review (Wilson Select – Full Text since 1995)

The following items are available in Wilson Business

 12.    Journal of Banking and Finance (Wilson Business)

 13.    Training and Development Journal (Wilson Busines)

The following items are not available online.  Contact Document Delivery (the items can be scanned and posted to a website for easier access) to obtain copies:

 14.    Personnel Journal (PsychInfo – no Full Text)

 15.    Journal of Applied Psychology (PsychInfo & ABI – No Full Text)

 16.    Journal of Applied Behavioral Science (PsychInfo & ABI; unsure of Full Text)

         All the databases mentioned except Health Business FullText are available through the FirstSearch set of databases. Students can search for a particular journal title in these databases using a “Source Phrase” search. In Health Business Full Text the process is basically the same but the database uses the category journal title rather than source phrase.

Contact Off-Campus Library Services for research in any or your CMU Classes:  800-274-3838

          You will earn a possible 25% for your article review.  Points will be assigned based on using the format outlined above, writing style, and quality of your analysis of the articles. 


You can earn extra 3 points if you include a sixth article. Make sure to mention that there is “Extra-credit Attempt is Included” on the front-page of your report.

Article Review Format:

It should be a total of 10-12 double-spaced pages for the review of all your articles. The review should avoid a laundry-list type of review. In other words, try always to contrast and compare the articles. You can always use phrases such as: "Unlike XXX, YYY uses a different method..."

I might suggest to divide the review of each article into five headings. 

A.    Full citations of the article according to APA style.

B.     Grand research questions or themes of the article.

C.     The methods of data collection (if any) and data analysis;

D.    Summary of the findings and results of the analysis;

E.     Critique of the articles: how useful each one in understanding the grand question or theme posed by the author(s).

One way to link the articles together is to  start with an introduction in which you introduce the common thread or link among all the articles. Then work on each article individually according to the previous five headings. Then in the conclusion compare and contrast how the articles differ in their research problem, data collected, data analysis and findings.

Make sure to follow the instructions of APA style as discussed in the fourth chapter in the assigned APA manual.


1- You can quote the articles directly but limit the quotes to one quote for each article. Make sure that the quote is very significant and deserves to be quoted.

2- Everybody will have his/her own articles that are related to the topic they choose for their research proposal that they will submit at the end of the semester.

3- Google has just developed a new search engine for academic work. You might want to try it:

4- You write one paper with all the five or six reviews in it. You do not write 5 or 6 separate reviews.

Good luck!

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