Reference Material
Carpenter & Prichard, Oxford Companion to Children's Literature 
Chevalier, 20th Century Children's Writers  
Demers and Moyles, From Instruction to Delight
Illustrators of Children’s Books (4 book series)
Nodelman, The Pleasures of Children’s Literature  
Nodelman (ed), Touchstones: Reflections on the Best in Children's Literature (3 book series)
Nodelman, Words About Pictures
Sendak, Caldecott & Co.: Notes on Books & Pictures
Silvey, Children’s Books and their Creators
Something About the Author: Facts & Pictures about Authors & Illustrators of Books for Young People  
Temple et. al., Children's Books in Children's Hands
Tomlinson and Lynch-Brown, Essentials of Children's Literature
Townsend, Written for Children
Academic Journals
Canadian Children's Literature
Children's Literature (annual)
Children's Literature in Education
ChLA Quarterly
The Horn Book Magazine
The Lion and the Unicorn

Criticism & Theory
Bettleheim, The Uses of Enchantment
Egoff, Stubbs & Ashley, Only Connect
Haviland, Children's Literature: A Guide to Reference Sources
Heins, Crosscurrents of Criticism
Hunt, Children's Literature: The Development of Criticism
Hunt, Literature for Children: Contemporary Criticism
McGillis, The Nimble Reader: Literary Theory & Ch's Literature
Nodelman, Touchstones: Reflections on Children's Literature
Sutherland, The Best of Children's Books
Tucker, The Child and the Book
Whalley & Chester, A History of Children's Book Illustration
Zipes, Fairy Tales and the Art of Subversion
Zipes, Spells of Enchantment

Selected Web Addresses
American Library Association Home Page
Bulletin of the Centre for Children's Books

Canadian Children's Literature Service
Children’s Literature Web Guide
Canadian Children's Book Centre
Notes from the Windowsill
Reading Rainbow

All School Guide website
Jeunesse (formerly Canadian Children's Literature)



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