Truth in Labeling:

Match the title of the book about education with the actual Library of Congress  subject heading given to the book.

1.   Conway, Jill Ker, True North a. College Teachers—United States—Biography
2.   Elder, John. Reading the Mountains of Home b. Community and School
3.   Heath, Shirley Brice. Ways With Words c. Educational Anthropology
4.   Kaplan, Alice. French Lessons d. Education—United States— Experimental Methods
5.   Kidder, Tracy. Among Schoolchildren

e. Elementary School Teaching—United States—Case Studies

6.   Neilsen, Lorri. Literacy and Living

f. English Language—Composition and Exercises—Case Studies
7.   Perl, S., & N. Wilson, Through Teacher’s Eyes g. English Teachers—United States—Biography
8.   Rose, Mike. Lives on the Boundary h. French Philology—Study and Teaching
9.   Scholes, Robert. The Rise and Fall of English i. Hiking—Vermont—Description and Travel
10. Tompkins, Jane. A Life in School j. Literacy—United States
k. Smith College—Presidents —Biography



Bonus Question: Identify each of the works above as one or more of the following—

§         autobiography

§         case studies

§         creative nonfiction

§         ethnography

§         experimental critical writing

§         literary journalism

§         memoir

§         narrative scholarship

§         personal expressive academic writing

Bonus Activity: Label books of your own and then reflect on the problems of labeling.


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(Truth in Labeling Answers: 1. k; 2. I; 3. b; 4. h; 5. e; 6. c; 7. f; 7. a & j; 9. g; 10. d.)