Literary Dimensions of Film
Resources for Further Reading and Viewing

As a way of getting deeper into the subject of this course, students may want to read more literary works by course authors, read other works relating to the subject, time, or place of the books or films being studied, see other films by the same directors or based on other works by the same authors.  The Bibliography and Filmography pages for this course are connected to the works we are reading and viewing this semester.  You can consult them through the following links: Some Links to be added Later.

Russian Filmography

Shakespeare Filmography

Joan of Arc Bibliography and Filmography

Casablanca and The Stranger Filmography

Michael Curtiz Filmography
Albert Camus Bibliography and Filmography

Faulkner and Hemingway Filmography

         William Faulkner Works adapted into Films
         William Faulkner Screenplays
          Ernest Hemingway Works adapted into Films

Cornell Woolrich and Alfred Hitchcock

Cornell Woolrich Bibliography and Filmography
Alfred Hitchcock Filmography

Slaughter-House Five Filmography

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