At some point in this course you will have to take a midterm examination and a final examination. At least a portion of each exam will require you to write one or more essays on the subject of the course, perhaps examining the nature of fiction, drama, film, or adaptation, perhaps comparing various works in the courses or discussing various themes which have emerged from the books and films. Students who have been most successful in the past on the essay portions of these exams have been those who:

have regularly written the journals entries for the course prior to the class periods in which their subjects were discussed (they are more accustomed to writing about these books and films than students who haven't kept up with their journals);

have regularly attended class discussions of the books and films so that they are familiar with the issues and concerns generally raised about the works;

have read the print literature and seen the cinematic literature in the course and taken notes on theme, plot, character, and specific important scenes in books and films;

have answered the questions being asked on the examination (when asked for three books, they have discussed three books, not two books or a book and a film; when asked for a comparison of book and film, they gave equal attention to both works);

have given specific examples from the works read and viewed in the course rather than general answers;

have thought a lot about the books and films before coming to the exam period.


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