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office hours:
TR 10:45-12:15pm, and by appointment

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I'm an Associate Professor of English at Central Michigan University, and I teach undergraduate 
and graduate courses in Renaissance Literature, Shakespeare, Drama, British and World Lite
before 1800, as well as Introduction to Literature and Advanced Composition.  
You can see a partial list of my publications at CMU's English Graduate Programs site, or see my c.v.  here.  

This site is updated frequently. Thanks for visiting!      

Please note: course syllabi and course-specific handouts are now accessible only to registered students through Blackboard.  My links pages and some study guides are available on this website.

ENG 235 - English Literature: Beginning to Romantic Period - TR 9:30-10:45 am
ENG 349 - Shakespeare - TR 12:30-1:45 pm
ENG 201 - Intermediate Composition - R 5-7:50 pm

Other courses taught:      
ENG 234 - Intro to Literary Analysis 
ENG 326 - Literary Dimensions of Film
ENG 336 - Early Modern English Lit - TR 12:30-1:45 pm
ENG 345 - Studies in Authors (Jonson & Donne)
ENG 362 - Literature of the Medieval World  
ENG 547A - Seminar in Major British Authors (Austen)   
ENG 545 - Chaucer
ENG 549 - Advanced Shakespeare
ENG 635A - Graduate Seminar in English Literature - M 4-7 pm

My areas of interest include:

Books -- especially Historical Fiction

Vocal Performance & Early Music

Irish Heritage and Celtic Art & Music



(This is not me, this is Ben Jonson,
the subject of my book .)

After Abraham van Blyenberch, 1618.
©National Portrait Gallery, London.

Learn more about him at Anniina Jokinen's excellent website by clicking on his picture.)


William Shakespeare: His Life and Times, (co-author with Ari D. Berk), Templar Books, April 2010. Winner of the 2011 School Library Association Children's Choice Information Book Award!

Masques of Difference: Four Court Masques by Ben Jonson, Manchester University Press, December 2007.

"Carnivale on Shakespeare's Stage." Mythic Passages: The Magazine of Imagination, February 2007 (online journal).

"Jonson's Gossips and the Stuart Family Drama," Early Theatre 9.1 (Summer 2006): 61-83.

"Playing Fairy: Pan and Puck Onstage," Realms of Fantasy Magazine, April 2006: 22-31, reprinted on the Endicott Studio's online Journal of Mythic Arts.

"Angels and Ministers of Grace: Theatrical Superstitions through the Ages," Realms of Fantasy Magazine (March 2005), reprinted on the Endicott Studio's online Journal of Mythic Arts

"Shakespeare's Folklore and the English Holiday Cycle," Realms of Fantasy Magazine (August 2003), reprinted on the Endicott Studio's online Journal of Mythic Arts

Theatre Review: “Sejanus and Sir Thomas More in the RSC 2005 Gunpowder Season,” Theatre Journal 58.1, March 2006. [Registered CMU students can access this through Project Muse.]

Book Review: The Essex House Masque of 1621, by Timothy Raylor, Early Theatre 6.2 (December 2003).

Theatre Review: "The Tempest at the New Globe."  Theatre Journal 52.4 (Dec. 2000):  553-5. [Registered CMU students can access this through Project Muse.]

 "Versions of Femininity in Bartholomew Fair." Renaissance Papers (1993): 91-115.        


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