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Click here for my STUDY GUIDES to various readings in my courses.
Click here for my dedicated list of Early Modern Research Links

(And before you begin studying, enjoy this satiric video on the perils of internet research:
Professor Wikipedia, via CollegeHumor.com)

(and another funny video about figurative language and its dangers)

New!  I've posted my Early Modern Holiday Calendar -- start planning what you'll buy your sweetheart for St. Swithin's Day!  And find out why the women get to handcuff the men on Hock-Tide!


Luminarium: a beautiful and exhaustive guide to literature in our period
The Voice of the Shuttle: another broad but well-maintained listing of literature links in all periods
Literary Locales: pictures of famous places in British Lit
Helpful Timelines of English History from the BBC
Some downloadable student guides to Early English Literature
Silva Rhetoricae (The Forest of Rhetoric) -- your definitive guide to rhetorical terms and figures of speech; indispensable for students of Early Modern Literature
For language addicts: an online Etymology List -- the origins of thousands of words.
A helpful website on "How to Read a Poem"
A helpful discussion of the elements and humors
A genealogy of the Kings and Queens of England, focusing on how the lines of succession get passed from family to family
A detailed map of Early Modern London, if you need to know where Chaucer and Shakespeare hung out.
Very valuable British History site, with links to digitized primary documents.


The Labyrinth: Resources for Medieval Studies, sponsored by Georgetown University -- possibly the most comprehensive resource for medieval lit studies

Godecookery.com -- one of my personal favorites -- a wonderful site with well-researched material on Early Modern life -- especially food and feasting - and lots of pictures and graphics.

Fordham University's Medieval Sourcebook -- internet texts of medieval works.

An excellent links page with sites about Courtly Love
The Geoffrey Chaucer Page's discussion of Courtly Love
The actual text of Andreas Capellanus' Art of Courtly Love

Beowulf for Beginners, a wonderful introductory site hosted by the University of Aberdeen
Beowulf an Steorarum (Beowulf in Cyberspace), a longstanding site with lots of goodies, including a parallel Old/Modern English text.
Some good sound files of Beowulf spoken in Old English

A useful links collection for Anglo-Saxon England, from ORB: the Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies

Electronic Canterbury Tales - a rich source of links to online texts and resources
The text of CT with an interactive glossary - uses frames, but this is the best one I've seen for reading the actual Middle English
Harvard University's superb explanatory notes for the Canterbury Tales
More Prologue study notes
A parallel Middle English/ Modern English text of the Prologue
A modern translation of the Wife of Bath's Tale
Another modern-translation Canterbury Tales site
A must-have!  An interlinear translation of The Wife of Bath's Prologue and Tale

A study guide and outline for The Booke of Margery Kempe


A site with notes to Marie de France's Lanval
Another site with good background info on Lanval and Arthurian Lit

A wonderful general site for Arthurian studies: The Camelot Project
A list of web resources for Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Some original illustrations for SGGK
A good, student-authored section-by-section synopsis with analysis
A plot summary of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

A page of links to study sites on Medieval Drama
A gallery of photos from productions of Medieval Drama by the Medieval & Renaissance Players of Toronto
More Medieval Drama production photos by Theatre Marot (Netherlands)
A helpful study guide for Everyman
The Miracle Players -- an Italian Theatre group with a fun site about their production of Everyman
A terrific overview of The Development of English Drama, Medieval-Renaissance, by Prof. Jennifer Mooney of Virginia Tech.


A really useful Study Guide from Prof. Diane Thompson.
A lovely multi-media Study Guide at the University of Texas.
More good study questions from Dr. L. Kip Wheeler



Renaissance: the Elizabethan World: -- Indispensable!  The place to go if you want to know what life was like in Shakespeare's England. Contains the fantastic Compendium of Common Knowledge, a lively and interesting source of information about Renaissance life, politics and history. Includes a wonderful bibliography.

Virtual Renaissance -- a delightful site developed by grade-school students that allows you to imagine life in 16th c. England

The Early Modern England Source Site

The "Early Modern Resources" page -- Dr. Sharon Howard's excellent collection of links to online scholarship in a number of topics.

A fabulous timeline for Elizabethan/Jacobean political history

Just for fun: The Tudor Times

Cultural Readings: Colonization & Print in the Americas --  A beautiful site with resources about the Voyages of Exploration

Sonnets.org -- the one-stop shop for sonnet fans

Need to know what a "nugging dress" is?  Want to impress your friends with archaic obscenities?  Check out the online copy of the 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue.

And yes, there are Early Modern blogs --

Earmarks: Early Modern Culture (now titled "Serendipities")
Early Modern Notes (more news items than blog)


SparkNotes.com's somewhat helpful guide to Dr. Faustus 
Another summary of Dr. Faustus
More helpful discussion notes on Dr. Faustus by Dr. Clare Kinney at U. Virginia -- and another set of notes by the same author

Synopses of The Faerie Queene
The Edmund Spenser Home Page
Brother Anthony's helpful summaries

A page devoted to Sidney and the sonnet tradition by former CMU English prof Catherine Don Diego 

A Ben Jonson page from San Antonio College

Shakespeare Studies at CMU Links page

The John Donne Society Page


SparkNotes --  helpful Study Guide
A partial Outline of the Text from Mary Ann Andrade, Collin County Community College
Images of Paradise Lost from William Blake and others:
Study Guide: The Fall: Books 9-10 (Prof. Desmet-UGA)

A Virtual Tour of Restoration London, by Molly Brown, author of a historical novel set in the period
A site dedicated to Restoration (the film) -- with links to resources on politics, society, medicine, etc. 

The Aphra Behn Page

18th Century Resources -- a comprehensive list of links
"The Rape of the Lock" Home Page
Gulliver's Travels Homepage

A Great Page for Jane Austen Fans: The Republic of Pemberley
The Jane Austen Society of North America (JASNA)
Persuasions -- the Journal of Jane Austen Studies

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