Study Guides for PSY250

On the next page, you will find links for the study guides for this class.  Before getting them, please read this.  I have often had students say, in their SOS comments, that the study guides are so inclusive that I "might as well just say 'know everything.' " So, here I am:  Know everything.  The idea of the study guides is NOT to limit your studying.  Basically, if it's important enough for me to present it in class and/or ask you to read about it, it's important enough to be on your test (although on the "Study Hints" section of this website, there are some tips on how to prioritize what you study, to help you decide how much time to spend on what).

Thus, the idea of the study guides is not to take away things from your studying, but to help you focus while you study, and to provide a way for you to test yourself before the exams, to ensure you actually know the information.  More information is available on the first study guide regarding what I think is the best way to use them.


On to the study guides.


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