PSY765 - Ethics in Psychology

Spring 2015


Dr. Elizabeth A. Meadows


Course Syllabus


Dilemmas for Class Discussions

APA's Student Ethics Paper Award Info

Mid-Semester Course Evaluation


Ethics Links (to be updated shortly):

APA Ethics Office Online (includes current code, draft of new code, various guidelines and procedures, etc.)

National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) website - Ethics section.  This includes NASP's Principles for Professional Ethics as well as some other resources.

CMU's Center for Professional and Personal Ethics (doesn't seem to be updated recently, but hopefully they'll get moving on that...)

EthicsTalk,  a weekly internet/podcast program through the CPPE (above), broadcast on CMU's Modern Rock station 91.5 as well. (I don't think this is still running, but the archives list has the past ones.)

Bioethics Net:  Where the World Finds Bioethics.  Obviously a bit more medically focused than we are, but some really good stuff both in general and very relevant to our work.  There's a subtopic for psychiatric ethics, but the whole site is worth looking through, to think about various topics, to keep up on current issues, etc.

Years ago, ethics students at the University of Pennsylvania had this great ER Bioethics Project, wherein they analyzed ethical dilemmas that arose during the TV show "ER" and discussed what the various ethical issues were, what they thought of the actions taken by the show's characters, etc.  I can't find the full list of discussions anywhere (but if you can, please let me know!), but I found this page that has a few at least, so you can get the idea.



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