Lecture Overheads for PSY250

Below are links to the overheads used in class lectures.  You may print them out ahead of time to help with your notetaking during class, although you are not at all required to do so.  Please be aware however that they are not even remotely a substitute for attending class or for taking good notes during class.  One of the most common problems I've seen in students having difficulty in this class is that their notes consist solely of what is on the overheads.  These overheads are OUTLINES of the lecture, not the lectures themselves.  By bringing the outlines with you, you can have more time in class to fill in the details, examples, etc from the lectures, and also you will know ahead of time, while reading chapters before class, what will and won't be covered in the lectures, in case you want to ask questions about text material you don't understand.


Overheads for Chapter 1 - Abnormal Psychology:  Historical and Modern Perspectives

Overheads for Chapter 2 - Research Methods in Abnormal Psychology

Overheads for Chapter 3 - Assessment and Diagnosis



Overheads for Chapter 4 - Anxiety Disorders

Overheads for Chapter 14 - Health Psychology

Overheads for Chapter 7 - Eating Disorders


Overheads for Chapter 8 - Sexual Dysfunctions and Paraphilias

Overheads for Chapter 6 - Bipolar and Depressive Disorders

Overheads for Chapter 10 - Schizophrenia


Overheads for Chapter 11 - Personality Disorders

Overheads for Chapter 12 - Disorders of Childhood: Neurodevelopmental, Disruptive, Conduct Disorders

Overheads for Chapter 13 - Aging and Neurocognitive Disorders


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